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Frequently Asked Questions


PCK was originally founded in 1983 and was primarily in the stainless steel and exhaust hood business, and expanded to commercial kitchen equipment in 2006. PCK has also acquired one of the oldest equipment and resale manufacturers, Crown Commercial Group in 2016.
Only a small one and we only keep a small selection of products on show. As you know there are literally 100s of products in the equipment sector and it’s not possible to show you every single one of them, however, we work closely with all our suppliers and can arrange a visit to their showroom and even a cooking presentation on some of the larger items.
Yes, absolutely. We can always match or undercut somebody else's price as long as it is not an already discounted price and the quote is in writing.
No. We are not open, however our website is here 24/7 and we always have at least one staff member on call or chat if you have any questions.


As soon as you have any issues i.e a fridge temperature being too high (over 10 degrees) or oven not turning on etc. please check these troubleshooting points before you place any calls:

1 - Is the fridge turned on at the switchboard (sometimes a fridge gets wet and then trips the circuit breaker, so please check this first as we will have to charge you for the service call.)

2 - Is the evaporator clean of any dust and grime so that the fridge motor can “breathe”? If not, please clean it first and see if this brings the temperature down again.

3 - Any issues with pilot lights on ovens and stoves, please make sure that the unit is clean and the pilot is not blocked as this also is a very common issue and is not covered under warranty.

If you have checked and none of the above are an issue then please ring our 1300 368 911 number and provide our office with the following details:

  1. Serial number and Model number are on a tag either inside or on the sides of an equipment, ideally, take a photo so we have all the info handy for the manufacturer.
  2. Date of purchase if you have it handy
  3. What is the issue
No, service calls under warranty can only be done Monday - Friday from 8.00am - 5.00pm however for an extra charge, we can arrange a service technician for a call-out and you would be liable for the extra call out fee.


A Payment can be made via Direct Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal. Fees and charges apply.
Online on our ordering platform or you can ring our office on 1300 368 911 and ask for an equipment specialist to assist you.
Ideally ring our office on 1300 368 911 and you can find out first-hand on what items are available and what items need be ordered in.
In this case, you need to pay a 30% initial payment and the rest when you are ready to take delivery. We can work with you on this one!
Yes, that is correct but we never receive your credit card details. All credit cards payments are handled by third party providers and are not stored in our servers (Commonwealth Bank and PayPal).
Yes, you can but you need to notify us if you choose to do that. Also, payment in this case needs to be done in full before you pick up.
No, all items have to be paid for in full before delivery.
No. Unfortunately not. We have to charge a restocking fee and the delivery fee and return delivery fee is also chargeable however in some cases we can give a credit note which can be redeemed for another product or even a design and fitout at a later stage!


Depends. A delivery fee may apply to your order if you are not in the Sydney Metro area so to get an accurate delivery fee quote please contact our office on 1300 368 911.
Yes, or one of your staff members who knows that delivery will take place. All goods need to be signed for otherwise the driver will not drop the item(s) off.å
If we have assigned a delivery and you agreed on a particular day and you are not there when it arrives then you will be charged a re-delivery fee. This must be paid before your goods will be re-delivered.
Yes and we will endeavour to make this time if possible however there is no guarantee that it will happen exactly then.

If an appliance is received and is damaged in any way, please notify PCK immediately by phone or email advising your contact name, address, phone and fax numbers, our invoice number and details of the fault and a photo of the damage.

Note: Always check all items before signing for them. Please do not sign for and accept deliveries if the goods are obviously damaged in transit.

Hopefully yes but it is your responsibility that you measure and check carefully prior to making a purchase. If you want to buy something and you’re not sure that it will fit, then please ring our office on 1300 368 911 and one of our specialists will help you with this.