Our core values - Why work with us?... What we stand for...

• Protech do more with less - no wastages!

• Protech listen to all your café requirements

• Protech has been building cafés/restaurants since 2009

Kinn Thai at Wollongong, designed and built by Protech in 2014

 • Protech will design and deliver a perfect café or restaurant.

• Protech is creative and open-minded to accommodate all your requirements.

• Protech uses only reliable tradies to get your refit out done, perfectly, in exact timing.

• Protech will supply the best professional catering equipment that you will require.

• Protech builds open & honest relationships communicating for years to come.


 • Protech will deliver you a wow café, with ‘on point’ professional service, every time

• You will be embraced with care, from the start of design to completion.

 Call us on 1300 369 911 to discuss your dream café or restaurant today