The restaurant business is an exciting, fun one to be in.

We want you to succeed in your own restaurant. You can do this, but you must look at being in the business in the right way. Owning a restaurant just to have a place for you and your friends to enjoy a good meal and be with them is not the right reason to open a restaurant.



Remember it’s a business.



Vital Starting Points



Presence – being there day and night has no substitute. You cannot physically affect your business if you’re not there.



Passion - Running a restaurant is a passionate thing. You can’t teach or learn passion. You must feel it. You must connect everything to this passion. Passion in mandatory.



Tolerance – ability to keep your cool under pressure, thrive in chaos, and multitasks and handle multi points of view and personalities. This will serve you well in business. You must generate a thick skin – dealing with customers, employees, changing trends, and fickle clientele. You must calm the storm! You are the leader.



Flexibility – you must think on your feet – adjust the sails and keep sailing. You should be a well-balanced, motivator of people and remember, the customer is always right!



Professionalism - This is a cut-throat business, so you better do it right the first time! You only get one chance.



 'People don’t stop eating, and they don’t stop drinking coffee’



 Magic Johnson


Watch this space for further updated tips, for opening your own restaurant/bar