indian dishes

Your reputation is of utmost importance 

Your contacts and connections will certainly help you to get your Indian Restaurant happening.

If your new Indian restaurant is going to be funded by investors, they should see you as a top business individual, who will quickly turn your restaurant into a profitable business.

You should be seen as totally reliable and very dependable for their investment. Trust your determined enthusiasm and tenacity. This is the first step towards success. 

Believe you can, and you will.


 indian dishes


But first things first 

A solid business plan, based on experiences, objectives, market requirements, operating expenses, projected revenues a solid marketing plan, and a good source of reliable funding needs to be compiled. A reliable business partner and your dream are already becoming a reality.

You will have decisions to make 

Location – city CBD or Suburbs

Type of Restaurant, (Eat in / Take Away/Deliveries)

Equipment that you will require (this will be determined by your menu)

Sit down with your chef and chat. 

Decide on your menu


Just like you require PERFECT ingredients to make the perfect NAAN BREAD .... with BUTTER CHICKEN


indian restaurant


your RESTAURANT needs the best EQUIPMENT, that will SERVE YOU with less DOWNTIME


 Some equipment you may require;


Grill, Burners,






Cast Iron Cookware,






 Tandoor Ovens,




Hot Plates,




Combi Ovens,




Preparation Tables,




Fridges, Freezers,








Food processors,




Microwave Ovens,




Stockpot Boilers.



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Welcome to the exciting journey of starting your own Indian Restaurant

you're in for a fabulous ride.