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Yes, summer is in the air. The birds know it, the trees know it, do you know it?

Are you ready for the summer rush?

Summer is a peak time, whether you’re a cafe, bistro, pub, club, food truck, franchise, caterer or fine dining establishment. The summer months represent a key revenue-generating period and you need to be maximizing the income your kitchen can generate. There are few things worse than having some of your commercial equipment out of action during the festive rush. Your kitchen needs to be firing on all burners and now is the perfect time to take stock, book services, arrange repairs, and even upgrade.


The Luus team recommends you start with an end-to-end review of your commercial kitchen equipment. Look at the obvious issues, such as appliances that need replacement parts, repairs or maintenance service. Next, consider the bigger picture, including forecasted turnover to potential menu changes, and assess the equipment tweaks that may be required. What seasonal menu items have the potential to become mainstays? Can your current line-up of equipment accommodate this? With these two lists in place, you’re now in a position to get moving on what needs to be done – whether it’s a service, a replacement, or an upgrade.


A good maintenance strategy is a key to a long-lasting, effective and well-run commercial kitchen. Our team recommends you do the following to get the most out of your gear:

1. Keep your equipment clean every day by training your team the proper cleaning processes. Extend its life with a set schedule of cleaning tasks that should be undertaken daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

2. Book in regular maintenance and servicing to reduce the need for larger repairs. Vehicles that are regularly serviced every 6-12 months perform better and outlast those that are neglected… same goes with your kitchen equipment.

3. A professional service technician can spot a potential risk before it becomes a problem or hazard, so regular servicing can also improve safety in the kitchen.

4. Technicians will service, calibrate, check pressures, replace consumables, and spring-clean your burners and equipment, reducing potential downtime and saving you money in the long-run.


To keep your commercial kitchen equipment in top form, we can install and commission, maintain and repair not only Luus products but other brands of gas commercial cookers too. As an Australian manufacturer with a national service team, Luus offers a typically short call-out time for servicing, often the same day, and our team of experienced technicians is on call 7 days a week.

The government’s instant asset write-off for purchases under $20k is a great tax incentive to purchase now, and our consultants can certainly provide you with more information on this.


We want our customers to focus on what they do best during the busy summer rush season, and that doesn’t include stressing out over their kitchen equipment. We have stock on hand so you don’t miss a beat. It’s time to tool-up and book your services and parts now. It goes without saying that well-serviced commercial kitchen equipment will deliver the best possible return on investment. In addition, it keeps happy customers coming.

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