Parmigiana, Italian, also called parmigiana di melanzane or melanzane alla parmigiana, is an Italian dish made with a shallow or deep-fried sliced eggplant filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked.
The origin of the dish is claimed by both the Southern regions of Campania and Sicily.


But in Australia, we don’t do it with the Aubergines/eggplant!

Think smothers of melted cheese colored setting sun yellow color. Bright red Napoli sauce, bursting with rich flavors of garlic, white wine, oregano, and fresh fragrant basil, smoky ham poking from underneath - a total pub classic.

The crisp crumbs, maybe a little charred, covering a juicy, free from gristle, or bone chicken breast or pork fillet. It surely is a ‘yummy hot messy dish’, savored by many good pubs, clubs and restaurants across Australia. 

 Oliver Primes, CEO of Protech Hospitality sure knows how to cook this classic!


And his secret ingredient?

Thickly sliced, perfectly vine-ripened, tomatoes adding that extra burst of fresh tomato taste and his Schnitzels are the perfect thickness! And the chicken/pork not too thick! And to cut down the calories... NO chips! 

Not too thick, and not too thin! And then his Napoli sauce smacked full of flavor with fresh basil added at the end.

Totally recommended - Oliver knows how to cook Parmigiana! 

Who invented it? And how did it become so popular in Australia?

Yes, it is the MOST popular dish ever ordered in a Pub/Cafe ... 

“When a good chicken parmigiana hits the table it’s enough to make everyone pause.

 Whatever you call it, Parmi, Parma, or just plain Parmey, whether you prefer chips on the side or the bottom (I’ll confess I love them on the bottom) or love an esoteric topping, there still doesn’t seem to be a clear timeline of the pub parmigiana in Australia.

And the lingering question why is it such a success?

“I guess people just like them?” -

Parmigiana will increase your sales! Guaranteed! 

Good comfort food always sells!


And to cook your perfect Parmi?

 What piece of Catering Equipment would Oliver Primes recommend?

ANETS 14GS.CS Deep Fryers Golden Fry Gas Fryers

The high-efficiency workhorse for large volume frying.

The 439 stainless steel fry pot provides remarkable recovery in conjunction with the unique crossfire burners provide a 3 sided heating system for highly efficient and consistent frying results. To maintain direct heat transfer, the frypot is equipped with copper flashed heat exchangers, which also provides remarkable temperature recovery and improved gas efficiency. The easy to clean open fry pot has sloped sides to prevent crumb accumulation. Food particles drop rapidly into the extra-large cold zone which prolongs oil life and reduces carbon build-up. Extra-wide access to this cold zone permits reaching in and wiping out even the hardest to reach corners.

• Open pot design

• Large deep cold zone

• Designed for ease of cleaning

• Prolongs oil life

• Unique energy-saving crossfire burners

• Fast & efficient heat transfer

• Fully insulated cabinet

• Cooking Capacity: 40 kg of fries/hour

• 2 x 160mm wide baskets

• Frying Area 360 x 370mm

• Thermostat controlled cooking

• Temperatures from 93°C to 204°C

• High limit safety control

• Turns off gas at 227°C

• 20-22 litre oil capacity

• Full port ball valve prevents clogging

• Stainless steel basket hanger lifts off

• Stainless steel construction

• Excluding rear & bottom braces

• Warranty: 12 months Parts & Labour

• Gas Input 126 mj/hr

• Dimensions: 400 x 790 x 1160 mm[h]


Luus FV 600MM FRYERS 600mm wide high-performance V-pan fryer.

Compact 800mm deep. Fenwal thermostat control, 304 stainless steel tank, piezo ignition, and FFD & high temp safety devices. Easy to clean V-pan design with a cool zone

• High-performance burners and recovery rates

• Includes pilot, FFD, piezo and high temp cutout

• 30kg/hr production rate

• 25 litre oil capacity

• Cabinet design with internal fryer controls

• Supplied with 3 fryer baskets and rear castors

• Modular Professional series design

• 15 month ‘Platinum Warranty’

• Easy control/burner access for servicing V-Pan Fryer

• 120mj jet burner with the pilot, FFD, and piezo ignition

• Fenwal thermostat valve with +/- 1° C tolerance

• Thermostat temperature range 150 - 200° C

• The high-temperature cut-out safety mechanism

• 304 grade 1.5mm stainless steel tank

• 25-litre tank capacity

• Includes 3 stainless steel fryer baskets

• 0.9mm stainless steel perforated fish/base plate

• Tank drainage valve at the bottom front of the unit


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