To continue with our bread baking series, and which vital catering equipment you will require to produce the best dough in town.

But first a few more good bakers in Sydney...


Brickfields – Chippendale

206 Cleveland St, Chippendale, NSW, 2008

Sydneysiders love their bread almost as much as they love their coffee, so it was a match made in heaven when baker Simon Cancio and Mecca’s Paul Geshos joined forces in 2012 to create Brickfields.

The cafe and bakery is a favorite among locals seeking top-quality bread and melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Don’t expect to waltz in and grab a table straight away. Space is just 35 square meters. Once you do nab a table, take note of the crisp, calming interiors, with hanging plants, tiled walls and plenty of natural light streaming through the large windows. The blackboard menu is short, with a few options that rotate regularly. One item that hasn’t shifted is the bacon sandwich. It features manchego, (Manchego is a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the Manchego breed. It is aged between 60 days and 2 years. Manchego has a firm and compact consistency and buttery texture and often contains small, unevenly distributed air pockets.) pickles, lemon aioli and Simon’s favorite streaky bacon on a seeded ciabatta.

For those with a sweet tooth, the fig and walnut toast with fresh ricotta, poached pears, and caraway will hit the spot. Beer and wine are available if you're in the mood.


Don’t leave without a loaf of the famous sourdough. The team works with a pre-industrial variety of whole wheat that uses the bran, endosperm and wheat germ to create a silkier dough and heavier loaf. Because the entire grain is involved, the bread’s shelf life is limited, but it’s sure to be devoured well before its use-by A corner bakery in Chippendale serving European bread, pastry, and cakes alongside an ever-changing menu. Proudly pouring Mecca coffee since 2012.

Flour and Stone -

53 Riley Street Woolloomooloo

Flour and Stone is a tiny outfit, seating about a dozen people in total, but this just adds to the feeling that this bakery is simply bursting with delightful treats.

Boasting staff with perpetually sunny dispositions, as well as all manner of baked goods, you’d be hard-pressed to dislike this place. All the classics feature – lamingtons with a delicate sponge, dense blocks of brownies, prim and proper scones dressed in jam and cream – but things like beetroot and seed cake, or spelt carrot cake might win you over instead.

Savoury offerings stop you from filling up on all things sweet, with the leek and gruyere tart melting in your mouth in a way that savoury tarts rarely do.

Sandwiches brimming with fillings will give you a good excuse to pick up some baked goods with your lunch. Alternatively, boiled eggs with soldiers might induce an early morning sugar fix. With Rabbit Hole supplying organic teas and Coffee Alchemy – the altar at which many a coffee aficionado has worshipped – providing the beans, you have a divine complement to whatever meal you choose here.

A pastel rainbow of iced gingerbreads – in an array of shapes, sizes and gift-boxed sets – might make a nice little token to give to others, just so no-one thinks you came here to indulge in cakes and pastries for yourself alone.



Dough Sheeters

Dough sheeter is a perfect investment for pizzerias, donut shops, bakeries, schools, hospitals and any catering company that needs high-volume. These have a fancy name, but they're really just mechanical rolling pins and can roll out dough much faster than humans can under their own power. Some table models can prepare hundreds of pieces of dough per hour, but the exact amount depends on how thick the dough is, and its shape A dough sheeter is a kitchen machine that rolls out pieces of dough to the desired thickness.

The resulting sheets are smooth, uniform and completed in a few minutes, a much shorter turnaround than rolling by hand.

How is a sheeter used?

Bakery sheeters are designed to form a sheet of the product by taking a premixed mass of dough or bakery goods and then to reduce this down through rolling or forming operations to required size or thickness.

Bakery sheeters are used in forming pizza dough or in forming pies and layered products.

PARAMOUNT SM-630E Floor Pastry Sheeter

- 630mm wide belt

- Heavy-duty construction

- 1400mm conveyor table length

- Fitted with safety guards

- Forward and reverse hand operating controls

- Emergency stop button front-mounted

- Supplied on wheels

- Simple operation

- Large scale production capabilities

- Warranty: 12 Months Parts & Labour

- Power: 415V; 3P + E; 0.75kW ;

- 10 amps -Dimensions: 3480 x 1040 x 1270 [h] - Nett weight: 260 kg

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