Vegetable Slicer TRK55 - 5.5 LT
-All parts are dismountable and dishwasher safe
-Variable speed 300rpm – 3700rpm
-pulse function for coarse chopping
-incline motor base at 20° to better fit the vegetable slicer attachment
- Magnetic safety system and motor brake. Prevents machine from running when vegetable preparation lever and/or hopper are lifted or when cutter lid is not properly closed.
- Automatic speed limitation according to the selected function (slicer or cutter).
- Capacity:
1.vegetable slicer productivity 550 kg/h, suitable for 100-400 meals for table service, up to 800 meals for catering service
2.cutter mixer working capacity from 100 g to 2,5 kg, for 50-100 meals per service
- Vegetable slicer unit has slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and french fries capabilities.