On the surface, biryani can look like just a pot of steamed rice, as there’s no actual “sauce” involved; what makes it truly luxurious is the way that the ghee clings onto—and enriches—each grain of rice and morsel of meat, and the aroma of the whole spices (most of which are left in the biryani itself) that’s totally all-consuming when you initially lift the top off the dish.

Biryani is good, no matter what’s placed on top, crispy onions or whatever.

Will your new Chef be like a good Briyani.. all action with no sauce? 

Does your Chef bring joy to your customers, with each new dish they buy? 

Your new chef is the most important part of a new restaurant - he can make or break your dreams! 

Choose him/her wisely.

Your new, daring young chef’s exciting take on age-old favorites, will push the boundaries of Indian cuisine. Your new chef can cross boundaries in innovation, with his technique as well as his food presentations.

Not to mention the Instagrammed images that he'll spread around Sydney, with his new innovations and exciting change to the boring standard dishes. 

By adding 17 new spices to his Biryani will get your customers taste buds brimming to return .. time and time again.

His Mutton Biryani is but one of his creations of art that has been Instagrammed innumerably –

And this is good news for your new restaurant   

So.. how do you choose your chef?  

Hire leaders who are good with time management. Your chef should have a good eye for detail. He/she should be able to work under pressure, and never compromise on quality or quality! Taste their food before you hire them and contact their references.

58% of diners say the quality of food is more important than the price, service, and menu variety.

Before you start the daunting task of finding your ideal chef, you should have a clear description associated with each profile.

If your new restaurant can afford two chefs, you should look for an Executive Chef –  he will be the head of your new kitchen.

It’s a dream position for all the chefs out there!
There is only one executive chef for every restaurant. He/she is responsible for costing of food and recipes, checking the quality, and designing the menu. The executive chef is also the one to meet your guests.  He is usually the point of contact between you, the restaurant owner and the kitchen.

It is also the Executive Chef’s role to oversee the delivery of all food supplies, prepare unique menu items, and supervise the kitchen during dinner hours. His day is usually 12 hours long.

And then his helpers.. his right-hand hands, each holding a wooden spoon, always!  

Sous Chef – Sous Chefs are the right hand of the Executive Chefs.
There can be multiple sous Chefs in one restaurant. It is his/her responsibility to manage the intricacies in the kitchen. It is the sous chef who is responsible for the detail of each dish before they leave the kitchen. When the Executive chef is not there, the Sous Chef steps up to be the head of the kitchen. 

And of course, every Exec Chef and Sous Chef need excellent good quality catering equipment to be able to perform this magic - 

Buying the BEST catering equipment that your new restaurant can afford, will serve you and your Chefs with excellent results, time and time again! 

Protech Commercial Kitchens can provide you with all the equipment you need.. more on this in our next post. 

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