Acquiring and retaining customers has never been more challenging for the foodservice industry.

This inaugural report was commissioned by SilverChef to better understand the future of the Australian hospitality industry through the lens of three key mega-trends: behavior, experience, and technology

In doing so, the research found that:

• A large majority of Australians (86%) acknowledge health and wellness as an important factor when selecting a restaurant or café.

• One in three Australians now actively seeks natural ingredients, such as medicinal mushrooms, which they believe offer physical, mental or emotional health benefits.

• Four in five Australians (81%) care whether ingredients are sourced locally, indicating that transparency around food origin will continue to influence the future of the food industry.

• One of the fastest rising trends in meat alternatives and plant proteins. More than one quarter (27%) of Australians have increased their consumption of plant-based meals over the past 12 months.

• The use of third-party app food delivery services is flattening, with a resurgence towards dining out. In fact, 33% of Australians were more likely to dine out in the last 12 months; compared to 20% using delivery services more.

• 37% of Australians rank trust and transparency as the most important factor when selecting a hospitality venue, ahead of price (35%) and convenience (28%). However, nearly half (47%) of hospitality operators believed trust and transparency was the least important element for consumers.

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