Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter. ... or vegemite

We’ve done a great series on coffee…now it time to expose bread and baking

Don't settle for supermarket bread.

There are dozens of places in Sydney making quality sourdough and other varieties from scratch.


Here are a few of our favorites

IGGY’S – Bronte 145d Macpherson Street, Bronte

Yogoslavian-born Igor Ivanovic made his start as a delivery boy for a bakery in Boston. But it wasn’t until he started baking here in 2008 that he was able to put personal flair back into his beloved bread. Instead of swearing by secret recipes, Ivanovic believes it’s the love and energy he puts in that creates the real difference in his products. It didn’t take long for the word to spread about his naturally leavened, hand-cut bread, so be prepared for a wait.


The shopfronts and interiors are basic at best, but here, it’s all about grabbing the baked goods and heading home. Iggy’s specializes in sourdough, whole-wheat and rye bread. These staples usually run off the shelves before 11 am. The bakery also offers alternatives such as green and kalamata olive rolls and breadsticks topped with rich Parmigiano Reggiano and sprinkled with chili flakes and oregano.


The ficelle (“string”) in French is a half-baguette-type bread that perfect for making hors d’oeuvres, or simply dipped in top-notch olive oil. 145d Macpherson street inspired by the area we ended up taking over a legendary surf shop on the street intending to create a bit more space and continue to bring local artisanal bread making to the village....looking a lot more like a Willy Wonka production line we opened in winter of 2011 a sister operation with a bit more elbow room and a lot less pressure.... a very grateful iggys team Downunder


BERKELO – Brookvale – 8 William Street Berkelo doesn’t have a toaster.

The bakery’s owner, Tom Eadie, believes it’s sacrilege to toast the bread. Some people might think that’s pretentious, but only people who’ve never eaten at his bakery. Eadie is serving what’s probably the best bread in Sydney: slices of perfectly crisp-edged, fluffy-centered sourdough with Eadie’s house-churned butter and some of his dad’s honey is magic. Eadie is the former executive chef at The Boathouse Group, and Matt Durrant, the head baker, was a teacher at an Exeter culinary school.


Their loaves are naturally leavened and don’t contain any commercial grains, yeast or artificial raisers. Instead, they rely on natural yeast, stone-milled grain from Wholegrain Milling Company and a sage-like understanding of the fermentation process.


There is a tiny garage-like shopfront that serves labne-crème-filled choux pastry topped with salted caramel, macadamias and dehydrated bananas. Regulars will tell you the about the unusually dense and rich croissants; some enormous pies; and the house English-muffin sandwich with a pork and veal patty, burrata, rainbow chard, and fermented chili. You can also find Berkelo bread at Pilu, St Peter, Aqua Dining, Chiosco at the Spit and The Boathouse Group.


Commercial Catering Equipment required for Baking Mixers

These crucial tools are relied upon to make whipped cream, icing, fillings, cake batter, and bread.


A planetary mixer has universal attachments to make a wide variety of treats, including those mentioned above. However, a spiral mixer, is specifically for kneading and mixing dough that's for bread, pizza crusts, and bagels.


MECNOSUD SMM0044 44KG Spiral Mixer


• Capacity: 38 kg of the finished product or 25 kg Dry flour


• Tilting head • Removable bowl


• Ideal for Pizza & bakery shops


• Single-speed


• Timer • Stainless steel 50 Litre bowl


• Stainless steel safety guard with micro switches


• Bowl size: 500 x 270 mm


• Supplied with feet & castors


• Made in Italy


• Power: 240 volt; 10 amp; 1.5 kW


• Warranty: 12 Months Parts & Labour


• Dimensions: 860 x 530 x 790 [h]; 110 kg


• Made in Italy


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