All about Coffee drinking in Australia - we drink the best coffee in the world! Now that's making a bold statement! 


Coffee consumption in Australia is 2.4kg and rising, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics research on a beverage that surely sends bean counters crazy, thanks to Hitler!


 Australians make the best coffee in the world! Why thanks to Hitler?


Because in short, Australians don’t buy crappy – or even average, coffee. As we said, they make the best in the world.


And there’s a long and complicated history behind it all, which we’ve condensed into an effortlessly easy, stimulating, and dark-roasted read. Now back to Hitler.


After he bombed Europe during WW2, a whole lot of Italian and Greek families were forced to move out of their now-non-existent homes and made their way to the new land of opportunity: Australia. And they took their stovetop coffee-makers with them.


 Those stovetop coffee makers are important because the Italians & Greeks use them to make espresso.



  So when, during the ’50s, a network of coffee shops & Italian cafes popped up across Australia, they all made espresso.


And as the rest of the world languished in filter-coffee purgatory, Australia gradually created a café culture rooted in quality, rather than convenience.


The traditional espresso was invented by Luigi Bezzera from Milan in 1901, but Melbourne got its hands on an espresso machine by the 1930s.


Espresso was still niche until the 1950s when Australians really started to appreciate the bean.

A couple of generations later, and that high-caliber cafe culture is deeply entrenched. “Espresso is every day, it’s everywhere, and it’s in every neighborhood”.

But the Italians have been doing that for generations, too.


So, what sets the Aussies apart?


Well, to put it simply: creativity. And milk.

Italian coffee remains staunchly, unwaveringly traditional. 60% of coffees sold there every day are simple espressos.

Sure, they’ll drink a latte, but only in the morning, and rarely even then! And Italians haven’t changed… it’s still the same today as it was half a century ago.

Italian coffee is of high quality but frozen in time.

Nobody truly knows how many cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites and, yep, long blacks are served in Sydney on the daily grind, but it's enough to keep us buzzing until midday, at least!


Some suggest it's about 1.3 million cups a day (excluding those brewed at home or work, and with a peak in winter), although that's mostly guesswork.

And what's with all the different kinds of coffee served in Australia?
Why so many different kinds?.... 




More on this fascinating subject of all the different kinds of coffees served in Australia, in our next post

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