Isn't it a strange phenomenon - when the storms come, some rise up and stand and get stronger to stand against the prevailing winds? and some natter and chatter.

Our whole world has been smashed by this Virus. We feel like we're in a washing machine, or a tumble drier!  Or in a hot pan. 

All of a sudden, 2020 is a year we'll remember, for all the wrong reasons.

But... we now ALL have one goal together this year – to protect the health, the wellbeing, and livelihoods of Australians through this global crisis, and to ensure that when the recovery comes – and it will – we are well-positioned to bounce back strongly on the other side.

Australian Prime Minister - Scott Morrison said “We need your perseverance, your planning, your enterprise. We need your common sense. We need your calm. We need your commitment. But we need your patriotism as well. “We need you to support your workers by keeping them employed. Hold on to your people, because you will need them on the bounce back on the other side.”

“Pay your suppliers not just in time, but ahead of time, especially now. “You want to know what you can do to keep Australians in jobs?

Keep businesses in business? And support Australia through this crisis? If you’re a large business, go back to your office today, pay your supplier invoices, and commit to paying them even faster for the next six months.

“That is what sticking together looks like.

“How you support your customers, your suppliers, your employees during the next six months and potentially beyond will say more about your company, your corporate values, and the integrity of your brand than anything else you’ve likely done as an organization.”

“When I look around hotels, a lot of space is available.


At restaurants, very few tables are occupied, and at bars, there’s almost nobody. This will impact our bottom line sooner or later. So what can we do?... go out and eat more? Is it safe?.... sure, why not?.

Let's become a team of supporters instead of a team of critters.

Stand up and be counted.

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CALL 1300 368 911 - SPEAK TO NICO 

And keep healthy and safe