Some etiquette is common sense, like speaking with your mouth full and coughing while eating, Others can be a bit more nuanced. Who pays after a business meal?

Where do you put your napkin when you stand? And how exactly does one order the perfect bottle of wine?
And how much time do you spend on your mobile phone, photographing, videoing, or just looking at the screen?

• DO send back food that's not cooked properly.

• DON'T yell at your waiter.

• DON'T reach across the table to sample your companion's food.

• DON'T return the wine (unless it's awful).

• DO set up payment ahead of time if you're the host.

• DO let your guest order first.

• DO order the same number of courses as your companion

• DON'T place your utensils on the side of your plate when you're done eating

• DON'T start a business conversation before the conclusion of the entrée.

• And DO remember your table manners!

Suggesting that someone is dressed inappropriately, misusing their phone or being too loud can result in public shaming online or negative reviews.

Defending controversial policies can seem elitist and exclusionary, like reprimanding other diners’ naughty children. It puts restaurant management in a difficult predicament.

Most restaurants these days must choose their battles very carefully. No matter how much integrity there is behind our desire to set a standard for etiquette in the dining room, it’s a battle that we know we can’t win anymore.

So, watch your p’s and q’s please – it’s the start of a New Year, let's get things right in the Restaurant industry.

> Happy 2020 for us all at Protech Commercial Kitchens.

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