Wander along the many touristy boardwalks in Sydney, Manly, Bondi, Clovelly, and you’ll spot over 20 dogs on your walk.

Yes, they are all very well mannered, and under good control – it’s a reminder, Sydney sure is a beautiful ‘pet-friendly’ city. AND another reminder... summer is here.... even though the calendar doesn't say so.

You surely don’t want to leave your Fido/Fifi at home alone, when you go to your local pub/cafe, do you? Sydney temperatures are revving up already, and we’re not even in summer yet.


Café owners... or homeowners...

Its time to get your juicer, milkshake maker, and blender READY FOR SUMMER

But?... what's the connection...? 

new catering equipment and pet owners... ???




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Here are a few points to consider before you welcome pooches into your venue, on how you get your venue pet-friendly.

• Australia is an animal-loving nation, with the RSPCA estimating there are more than 24 million pets in our country alone. Research shows dogs are the most popular, with 38 percent of households owning a pooch, equating to 20 dogs per 100 people.


• It doesn’t take a genius to do the math. Dog-loving people = a major business opportunity. Not just from the perspective of customers choosing your venue because they can bring their dog, but from a dollar perspective. Hello, dog menus.



“You want the local pub to be a reflection of the community, and if you can bring your dog, it feels like your whole family is there.”

But there are a few rules to get straight before we dive into dog territory; the first revolves around where dogs can and cannot go.



• In the Safe Food Australia Guide under Standard 3.2.2 — Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, only certain animals are allowed in food premises such as assistance animals, who must be allowed in any area used by customers such as dining and drinking spaces.



• Live animals (other than seafood, fish or shellfish) are not permitted in areas where food is handled. However, pet dogs ‘may’ be allowed in outdoor dining areas that are not enclosed at the discretion of the business owner.

Of course, venues must maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene to ensure animals do not contaminate food.

• Making Fido or Fifi as comfortable as possible, ensure his/her owners return every week, and that’s good for your business Here are some more good business ideas, ensuring there are drinking bowls with fresh water is a given, but here are a few more ways to increase your revenue with dogs



• Include some special treats on your menu, such as healthy dog treats, peanut butter cookies, etc.


• Santa Paws photo sessions during Christmas will bring a smile to the owner’s faces Venue owners know dogs aren’t allowed indoors, but some consumers are unaware, which means educating customers is on you, especially if you’ll have a few regular visitors.




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 He's a proud dog owner as well.