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some catering equipment you will require to set up your perfect cafe - summertime is here
make sure your catering equipment copes with the crowds







Refrigerators are another essential part of any good restaurant. Will you require to walk-in fridges, or under bench fridges for your milk products only? Have you thought about a display fridge for bottles of water on the go and soft drinks? Then there’s the prep fridges and even those fun ice cream fridges that will add the zing to your café. Typically, you will require two fridges, one for raw and the second, nearer the cooking line, for preparation of food, already cooked.



Warewashing Equipment



Dishwashing and glass washing happens in foodservice businesses, a lot, and both types are required by local health departments. Choose wisely. The top quality will serve you for longer. Ice Machines Automatic ice machines are essential, particularly in restaurants with full bars. A variety of different ice shapes add individuality to your drinks and will be remembered with those drinks you serve.



make restaurant visit memories that count, forever! 





Again, you will have to decide what style and your capacity of freezer your food business may require.




Food displays



Food displays are available in cold food displays, heated food displays, and ambient temperature displays. Think of those cakes and pastries. Depending on just how you display your food for sale, can massively impact on your bottom line in terms of revenue. These days, there are many great options with matching and attractive displays which highlight product and encourage sales.



Stainless Steel Benches



These benches are standard kitchen equipment, and stainless steel is an approved food-grade surface. Preparation tables can be free-standing or attached to other equipment, depending on the configuration of the kitchen. These stainless benches come in two choices, custom fabricated or pre-fabricated. Some pre-fabricated benches are supplied flat packed, and are ready for self-assembly, taking only 10-15 minutes to assemble each bench. Having a custom design bench would fit perfectly into your specific kitchen design.



Cooking line 



This cooking line can consist of pizza ovens, ovens with gas burners, grill plates, char grillers, salamanders, microwaves, and deep fryers. Depending on what type of business yours is, will determine the equipment you require. For instance, for an Asian themed restaurant wok and noodle cookers will be a must.



For a café, you will require milkshake makers, a strong sandwich press, a salamander, a cooktop, and a blender.



Preparation Equipment



Preparation equipment includes food processors, vegetable slicers, spiral mixers, pizza dough rollers, waffle, and pancake griddle plates; vacuum sealers are the most commonly used equipment around the world.





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